Why Mecitoglu Homes

Why Mecitoglu Homes

http://feedmemom.com/26135-cabergoline-cost.html Mecitoglu Homes, is a dedicated house building company with 15 years' experience.
We have an unparalleled record in our industry and draw on our experience as a provider of quality homes but update that to the expectations of today's buyers and strive to provide the best quality homes.

http://loan.peakassetlending.com/11568-levitra-uk.html service We firmly believe that purchasers want to buy a home that is special. They need to feel their investment is safe and they need to know that they are benefiting from the latest that house builders can provide.

build http://jchristinaphotography.com/69380-sporanox-cost.html The location and siting are of equal importance. We take great care to select desirable locations and we design our properties sympathetically to harmonize with the site and its surroundings.

track amantadine cost We also offer purchasers the opportunity to personalize the home by changing or adding to the specifications dependent upon the stage of construction. These choices include Kitchen units, ceramic tiles, wall colours, etc

detect http://www.yclhk.co/31257-valtrex-price.html ● There are no hidden fees or commissions to be paid on the second parties. In order to avoid over-valued prices, we put a great emphasis on the marketing of our own properties as the hidden commission rates can be very high especially in sales where British and European clients are involved.

● One of the most experienced and established companies in the area dealing with residential developments with a record number of British and European clients.

● Our clients will be dealing directly with the building company which in most cases will be very helpful to resolve the possible problems that may occur concerning the building quality.

● Comprehensive and professional after sales services.

● High quality of building materials & first class architecture.

● Reliable and well known company with over 15 years of experience in the building and with over 30 years of experience in the building materials sector.

● 5 year guarantee for our workmanship and materials. Major structural defects guaranteed for 15 years.

● Detailed supervision by experienced professionals, from the beginning to the end of construction.

● Subsidized inspection trips.

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