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What's Covered?

Your home is normally one of the biggest single investment you will ever make. In buying a new home - just as in buying a new car or a major appliance - a warranty should be included in your purchase. There are virtually thousands of material components used in the construction of a building and there are dozens of different professions, trades, and other skills used to design and build. Only strong, customer oriented, reliable and experienced developers can bring all these elements together under one comprehensive warranty.

We offer a fifteen year warranty, broken into three major categories:

First two years - Materials and Workmanship
For the first two years, Mecitoglu Customer Care Team will be on hand to assist you with any issues that you may have in your new home.

Mecitoglu Homes warrant that,  the house is constructed in accordance with the building standards prescribed by the building code and that it is free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from the date of possession. Materials a
nd Workmanship covered by the the warranty include those supplied and installed by the Mecitoglu Homes, its employees and those trades and others contracted directly by Mecitoglu Homes.

First two years - Water Leaks Protection
Mecitoglu Homes warrant that the building envelope (roof, exterior cladding, windows and doors) and the basement foundation walls will be free of exterior water penetration for two years from original occupancy.

Years One to Fifteen - Major Structural Defects
Mecitoglu Homes warrant that your home will be protected against Major Structural Defects for fifteen years from the date of possession. Major Structural Defects mean defects in workmanship or material which have or are likely to have an adverse effect on the performance of the load bearing portion of the home such as footings, piles, basement walls, beams, floor joists, load bearing walls, and roof trusses.

What happens if I sell my home?
If the home is sold during the warranty period, any remaining coverage stays with the home for the benefit of subsequent buyers. An excellent selling feature! The best part is that you don't need to do a thing as the warranty is automatically transferable.

Please note: The builder is not responsible for wear and tear or any damage resulting from the home owner's failure to maintain the property.

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