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Important reading for Turkish property Buyer.

To make sure that your investment will be safe and sound:

Make sure that the developer you are dealing with is a reputable company with experience in building and reference projects especially in the area that you are planning to invest in. It is of utmost importance to inspect the developer's completed housing units in order to have a precise impression of the quality and the services it can provide.

We would advise you to inspect more than just one housing unit of the same developer. It would be wiser to view at least a two year old construction, so that you can observe the defects easily which may be resulting from the lack of insulation or improper plastering etc.

There are virtually thousands of material components used in the construction of a building and there are dozens of different professions, trades, and other skills used to design and build. We are not going to mention about the these details here, however besides all these technical qualities, one of the most important criteria to be considered shall be the built percentage on a given site. Despite the restrictions imposed by the local governments on density, some developers find ways of getting around the rules and regulations. Make sure that there will be spacious gardens when the site is completed and watch the distance between the apartments in the complex. Also do not forget to ask your potential developer or estate agent about the future of the neighboring plots. It is very important to get a clear answer to this question.

To make a comparison between two different developments, you can simply divide the size of the plot to the number of the apartments in the complex, to find the total area per unit incl. gardens.

* The permitted building percentage in Side in general is 20 % of the land over 3 floors including the roof floor however in some districts of the town the building permission is 25 % percent over 4 floors including the roof floor. 

The second criterion is the height of the buildings and the number of the floors. Just like the allowed built percentage there are also some restrictions on the height of the buildings and the number of the floors to be built in Side. It is unfortunately quite common to see a developer exceed the number of allowed floors and sells the extra floors as an apartment which in fact can only be registered as a storage space on the title deeds. This extra floor CAN NOT be sold independently, it can only be sold as a partition of an existing official apartment on an official floor. Most buyers realize this problem only after they have purchased the property.

To make sure that you will have the best after sales services and quality warranties:

The most practical and effective way of making sure that you will have the best possible after sales services from your potential developer or your estate agency is to get in touch with the former clients of that developer. Make sure that the developer is able introduce you with more than just a few clients. Ask the former clients about service charges, guarantees and after sales services.

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