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Restaurants in Side






Restaurants & Cafes in Side Turkey

There are many restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of cuisine with a beautiful sea view or nice atmosphere. The specialty of Side is the seafood offered with different types of starters and salads however do not hesitate to try something else as the average quality offered is quite high.

Aquarius Restaurant - near the central post office, out of the antique town

Run by an Austrian and Turkish couple, the restaurant is one of the best in Side and offers very good value for money. International & Turkish Cuisine and excellent pizzas as well as English breakfast.

Moonlight Restaurant - at the east side of the antique town

Have a good meal under the moon. The restaurant is situated at the seafront, at one of the most romantic places of the antique town of Side. Seafood and specialties of meat and chicken dishes, as well as an extensive selection of Turkish wine are offered.

Orfoz Restaurant - at the west side of the harbor just behind the Rasim's Fish Restaurant. Offers a perfect sea and beach view, delightful cuisine.

Ugur Pide Kebap Restaurant
- just across the Anatolian Hospital out side of the antique town.

You can think of Ugur Restaurant as a more luxury version of a fast food restaurant which offers all kinds of typical Turkish Kebaps, very reasonably priced, and good quality food with lavas bread are served. It lacks the location that most of the other restaurants mentioned restaurants have.

Chili's Original Mexican Restaurant - right at the harbor in the antique town.
very good restaurant with special Mexican and International cuisine. Overlooking at the main street and the harbor.


Aphrodite Restaurant - right at the harbor in the antique town

A 25 year old restaurant, renovated and become one of the best in Side in a very short time, offers a wide variety of international as well as Turkish cuisine and occupies a very attractive location in the town. One of the liveliest atmosphere in the winter season.

Cafes and Bars:

Side also offers countless bars, discos and nightclubs, here are some of them.

The Royal Castle Pub - very close to the harbor, just behind Aphrodite Res.
A typical lively Irish Pub with live music and Sky for football games. Thy have nice food with reasonable prices.

Appolonic Cafe - at the east side of the harbor on the way to the Apollo temple.

An excellent cafe with perfect sea view and a soft music, a must be place especially during the sunset.


Click to view larger.Mehmet's Cafe-Bar
- Overlooking the main town beach on the east side of the antique town, this cafe / bar is a relaxing place to unwind. It catches the sea breezes and the service is excellent from a family run establishment. Basic food and drink are served with quality music.

Lighthouse Club
- is located in the old town and is one of the most popular places for the night clubbers. It's an open air disco where you can dance and enjoy yourself until the early hours of the morning. It serves as a high end Italian/International restaurant before the night atmosphere.

Oxyd Disco
- which is located in the outer part of the old town and has a very interesting architecture which was mainly inspired by a very popular and historical church in Morocco. The disco's capacity is more then 3000 and it is especially very popular at the weekends.