Restaurants in Side Turkey

Restaurants and Cafes in Side

medrol price While you travel in Turkey, enjoy the unique Turkish cuisine and its philosophy and let it surprise you. Taste a variety of dishes based on pure and fresh ingredients, which can fully satisfy the gastronomic lovers.

Elia Restaurant and Lounge Elia is a newly opened restaurant in Side Turkey. Right at the center of the harbor. Elia Restaurant in Side offers a spectacular sea and harbor view. A carefully selected blend of Italian, Turkish and Seafood cuisine is served with in a high-end atmosphere and with reasonable prices.

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Kimyon Restaurant

flonase cost In Ilıca Kumköy. You can think of Kimyon Restaurant as a more luxurious version of a Kebap restaurant. It offers all kinds of typical Turkish dishes, numerous Mezes with freshly baked Lavas bread.

Appolonic Cafe At the east side of the harbor on the way to the Apollo temple. An excellent cafe with perfect sea view and a soft music, a must be place especially during the sunset.

Aphrodite Restaurant

Right at the harbor in the antique town. Good quality inernational cousine accompanied by the attractive views from the harbour and the bustling main street makes Aphrodite one of the best choices in Side.

Side Liman Lounge Restaurant

Right next to the Apollo Temple. Offers a very good sea wiew with good quality food.

Orfoz Restaurant

One of the best restaurant in Side. At the west end of the harbor. Offers a perfect sea and beach view together with a delightful seafood and international cuisine.

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